KOKOMO on road Kids Triathlons

For young, old, beginning and experienced tri-athletes

Course KOKOMO Kids Triathlons


Swim Course

  •   6-  8  years: From the floating deck to the beach (50m)
  •   9-11  years: Start at the beach; one lap around the floating deck anti-clockwise (100m)
  • 12-14  years: Two Laps (200m)


Bike Course

  •   6-  8 years: years: RED Line (See: See running course), Three Laps (2km)
  •   9-11 years: Green Line, One Lap (4km)
  • 12-14 years: Green Line, Two Laps (8km)



Run Course

  •   6-  8 years: Red Line, One Lap (750m)
  •   9-11 years: Red Line, Two Lap (1500m)
  • 12-14 years: Red Line, Four Laps (3000m)




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