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DASIA CYCLING off road Kids Triathlons
October 12, 2013 @ Playa Porto Mari


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Sat. 12-OCT-2013 off road Kids Triathlons | Sun. 13-OCT-2013 off road Sprint Triathlon

Saturday October 12, 2013

For individuals and relay teams.

Check In 14:00 - 15:00

Individuals: 15.00 ANG | Relay Teams: 15.00 ANG






  6-  8



2 km

750 m




4 km

1.5 km




8 km

3 km



Entry fee 15.00 ANG for Individuals and  Relay Teams.

On line registration is mandatory. PLEASE REGISTER ASAP. We have to buy drinks, bananas, snacks, prepare start numbers and more.

Click HERE to register as an individual

Click HERE to register an relay team.
Relay team members have to be all in the same age group: 6-8 | 9-11 | 12-14

The age group is based on the age at December 31, 2013.

After registration you will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.
Your name(s) will appear on the registered athletes list you have confirmed your registration.

Please print the email and submit it with your payment before Friday October 11, 2013 17:00 at DASIA CYCLING.

Swim Course

MTB Course

Running Course

Know the course

Make sure you are familiar with the course.
You can explore the course every day. Porto Mari opens at 09:30 A.M. Please inform Porto Mari personnel when you go practicing on the course.
Click on the maps on the left.


  6-  8 years: from the floating raft to the beach
  9-11 years: from the beach one lap around the raft
12-14 years: from the beach two laps around the raft


Click on the map left for the bike course
  6-  8 years: 1 lap, turn just before 2 on the map.
  9-11 years: 1 full lap see map
12-14 years: 2 laps turn at roundabout see map 0.
Flat course for 6-8 years old. Course for 9-14 years old is not an easy course. You need a mountain bike with enough gears.

There are no waterposts on the MTB course. Kids have to bring water on their bikes.


  6-  8 years: 750 meters 1 lap between yellow dots
  9-11 years: 1.5 km 2 laps between the yellow dots
12-14 years: 3 km 4 laps between the yellow dots

There is one waterpost at the roundabout near the beach.


Organized Training Sessions

Explore the course with us (kids & adults courses):

Sun.  Sep. 29, 2013 15:30
Sun.  Oct.    6, 2013 15:30
Wed. Oct.    9, 2013 16:00
Thu.  Oct.   10, 2013 15:30

Without Volunteers NO Triathlons

There are many ways you can help. We need: Medics, Traffic Controllers, Race Marshals, Aid Stations, Canoes, Photographers, and much more ....

Click here for more info ...

Without Sponsors NO Triathlons

We are looking for a NAME SPONSOR for the yearly triathlons weekend at Porto Mari in October 2014.

We also welcome new sub-sponsors
Email us or call:  540 4321


Age Group Awards

Age group awards will be given out to the top three in the following age group categories.

  • Boys     6-8, 9-11, 12-14
  • Girls     6-8, 9-11, 12-14
  • Relay    6-8, 9-11, 12-14

Age is base upon the year the participant is born in. It will be determined by the age the participant has on December 31st!